When to call us

In case of emergency, when you have a serious health concern or when you have a medical problem that cannot wait until the next day, we are here for you for advice or if you want to make an appointment to talk to a general practitioner you can call us at: (015) 2511930

When you get an appointment at the Out-of Hours Facility, it is important you can identify yourself.

We request you to bring a valid ID and if possible your insurance documents.

We provide service in case of:
Emergency and acute health problems during out of hours, when your regular practice is closed and your health problem needs to be seen right away and cannot wait until the next day:

  • Acute disturbing illness,
  • Sudden severe pain,
  • High fever (in your child)
  • Aggravating symptoms when seriously ill
  • Prescriptions for medication you need to take immediately
  • Telephone consultation about your health problem,
  • Referral to the hospital.

We don’t provide service in case of:
Health problems for which you go to your own general practitioner the next day:

  • Unpleasant but not severe illness,
  • Persistent symptoms you have been suffering from a longer period of time,
  • If you don’t have the time to visit your own general practitioner,
  • Repeat prescriptions for non urgent medication
  • For a second opinion
  • General medical questions not relating to you being ill at the moment.

Opening Hours:
In the evening and at night from: 17:00 hr pm untill 08:00 hr am
During the weekends (24 hrs a day)
During special holidays (24 hrs a day)

Where to find us?
Reinier de Graafweg 5
2625AD Delft

Locatie Huisartsenpost Delft

The Out-of-Hours Facility is located in the “Spoedpost” at Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis. The Spoedpost is an cooperation of the Huisartsenpost Delft and the Emergency care of the hospital.

Contact informatie

Reinier de Graafweg 5 2625 AD Delft


(015) 251 19 30

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